We are pretty fair at Pretty & Fair, that’s why we created a shoe brand that is 100% fair to people and fair to the planet.
Shopping isn’t only about what you wear, it’s also about where it came from. So wouldn't it be great to wear a brand that helps to build the world.
and look fantastic while doing so!

About Us

we create durable shoes that walk comfortable and look great.
so who are we?

The creater behind Pretty & Fair Alinda van Teeckelenburgh, has always been a true animal lover and grew up on a hobby-farm, later on she went on to travel the world while working at a travel agency. Since then she has settled in the shoe industry.

While working in shoe-business she saw that production of shoes is more about price and numbers than about fairtrade and sustanability.

So Alinda started to look for a better way of making shoes, in an ecological and fair manner. You can look great AND be good to the world!

We proudly introduce you: Pretty&Fair. We hope you enjoy wearing our shoes as much as we enjoy creating them.

The Collection

we strive for sustainable and ecologic perfection.

The materials used for our Happy Veggie collection are made of animal-free textiles.

Please note that all the other components used for this vegan label are eco-friendly.

The Brand


Pretty & Fair is founded in 2016.
We strive to become the most sustainable and ecolocig shoe brand in the world.

Every ingredient that goes into our shoes has been carefully selected to be the most sustainable product available.
The leathers used for our Pretty & Fair collection are naturally tanned so ecologic and chrome-free!

We only use natural rubbers for the soles, our zippers are made of recycled PET bottles, our insoles, contreforts and shanks are ecologic and our glue is on water-base. In short, our Pretty&Fair shoes are totally ecologic!

Our shoes are made in Portugal in a small family-owned factory, where people work normal hours for a proper salary. Fair to people, fair to the planet is our goal.

Our vegan collection is made of animal-free materials.

If you have any specific questions or would you like to receive detailed information about our products used, please contact us.




The Pretty & Fair collection is made in Portugal. All leathers are ecologic and tanned in a tannery in a natural way. The tannery generates most of his energy by solar panels on the roof of the building.


All the water used in the tannery is cleaned and filtered
afterwards to recycle in the tannery.


The tanning of the ecologic skins is done in special turbines.




With the organic shoe-products of Collonil you can maintain your shoes in an ecological way. Both for the ecological leathers as for the vegan materials.



wet Vegan shoes


To dry out wet shoes, put them in an airy position away from direct heat.
Heat will activate the glues used to hold together the shoes and they may then start to come apart.



Vegan Wares shoes generally do not require polishing to enhance their life as the microfibre uppers are extremely strong. However, polishing with a vegan shoe cream will enhance their appearance and may help minimize scuffing. To clean simply wipe with a damp sponge / cloth. Apply polish if desired. To dry out wet shoes, allow them to stand in an airy position away from direct heat. Never fast dry shoes close to a heater. Heat will activate the glues holding the shoes together & they may then start to come apart. - See more at: http://www.veganwares.com/about-us-official/shoe-care-and-treating-scuffs/#sthash.UOyaT1Ao.dpuf

We are striving to be as ecological as possible.
Some facts to illustrate our efforts:
  • all leathers used for Pretty & Fair are ecological
  • all the soles are made of 100% natural rubber
  • insoles, contreforts, shanks and re-inforcements are ecological and often bio-degradable
  • lining is recycleble, ecologic and also important: odorless
  • zippers are made of recycled pet-bottles
  • boxes are made of recycled carton and there is a rubber handle, so you can take the box with you without asking for a plastic bag
  • pubblicity is printed with a "green" print-company and for each printorder we plant a tree


Stories worth sharing


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